Price List for Photo Orders

All photos are taken with a digital camera. Therefore no negatives exist, only pictures in file format.

For ordering photos there a different alternatives:

a) Nearly unlimited rights for private usage

usage right for photos (see notes below) 8,- EUR per picture
when 3 or more pictures: 6,- EUR per picture
when 5 or more pictures: 5,- EUR per picture
addition for pictures on CD (incl. CD-medium) 5,- EUR per CD
postage and packing (if postal delivery is neccessary) 3,- EUR per delivery (for national delivery, international delivery costs may be higher)

Note: By payment of the invoice you receive a nearly unlimited right for private usage of the delivered pictures. This right includes usage for press articles and web pages, unlimited file copies, prints or exposures, but no resale of the pictures.

Together with the usage rights you receive the pictures files (by email or on CD). The price for the usage right refers to the "original picture" and is independent of the number of copies/exposures. The copyright always remains with the photographer

This usage right only includes private usage.
For commercial use (in print media etc.) individual conditions are negotiated (see below).

How do you get paper prints?

There are two different possibilities:

a) Print the pictures by yourself

The pictures can be printed on any standard color printer. To get a satisfying quality, there are a few things to care about:

b) Use a professional exposure service

Both on the Internet as well as in numerous photo shops and drug stores there is the possibility to order prints or exposures of pictures from media (CD, USB stick etc.) in professional quality.

Very good experience I had so far with Pixaco and Pixum. With both of these one can transfer image files directly via Internet and order the exposures in different sizes. In addition there is also the possibility of ordering cups, t-shirts and similar articles. Most larger photo stores and drugstores offer a similar service, while also giving the opportunity to pick up the exposures directly in the store.

b) Rights for publications and/or commercial usage

Pricing for commercial usage or publication in print media is to be negotiated. Crucially for this the kind of the usage, as well as number of copies etc.. Together with the usage rights you receive the pictures files (by email or on CD). The price for the usage right refers only to the indicated usage. The copyright always remains with the photographer.

If interested, please contact me by mail


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