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Diskussionen um den IPDSC

Die Diskussionen um den von der IDSF neu gegründeten Profiverband IPDSC erhitzen sich weiter. Da jede Medaille zwei Seiten hat, habe ich hier eine Sonderseite eingerichtet, auf der ich alle offiziellen Mitteilungen zu diesem Thema, die ich finden kann, gesammelt veröffentlichen werde, so dass sich jeder eine eigene Meinung zu diesem Thema bilden kann.

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Sollte eine der beteiligten Organisationen hier eine wichtige Meldung vermissen, bitte ich um einen entsprechenden Hinweis, ich werde die fehlende Meldung dann schnellstmöglich ergänzen.

Robert Panther

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29.08.2006, World Dance Council Press Release

The World Dance & Dance Sport Council, formerly International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD) on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting in Blackpool on 1st June 2006 formally evolved to a title-change for only the third time in over 50 years of history.

The membership unanimously approved the Presidium recommendation to change its name to that of World Dance Council (WDC).

The last 18 months have seen phenomenal growth and interest in the World Dance Council. The Presidium and General Council have received more applications for membership, especially affiliate membership, than at any time in the last 56 years!

Many applications from international organisations comprised predominantly (but not entirely) of non-professional (amateur) members have been received with gathering momentum, presenting the President and Presidium, entrusted by the membership to deliberate and decide the issue, with some political dilemma, whilst the well-documented General Agreement with the International Dancesport Federation (IDSF) was in effect.

In the last twelve months however, much in spite of World Dance Council` s insistence to the opposite, the IDSF have single-handedly and without negotiation, announced the dissolution of the General Agreement.

Simultaneously, the World Dance Council has been in receipt of a cry for help from not one, not two, but several international bona fide alternative organisations seeking symptomatic relief from allegations of corruption in certain (Eastern block) countries of IDSF. This, combined with (and catalysing) a desire for highly-skilled and qualified adjudicators of integrity, have fuelled the passion of almost 36 countries and four organisations to join the safe haven of integrity and quality of which is World Dance Council.

Nonetheless, the World Dance Council wish and indeed need confrontation with no-one, and whilst supporting open market principles, have never – never – prevented or “banned” couples or events.

It is also a paramount priority of the current Presidium & especially the President, to not only maintain but also actively foster the greatest relationship and even possible merger with IDSF.

In the interest of détente, therefore, the World Dance Council Presidium have repeatedly delayed the formal acceptance of all non-professional (as majority) applications recently received to become members of our council.

For the record, previous decisions to accept them have even been left on the table, unimplemented, and with this announcement, reversed.

It appears common ground that a) the present turmoil in global dance politics will only worsen whilst the current course is followed and that b) the dance world market is not of sufficient scale to sustain such internal antagonism.

With the above in mind, the President and Presidium of the World Dance Council are stepping back and reversing the previous decision to enrol non-professional organisations, and alternatively have decided to set up and implement an Amateur assessment commission, including but not limited to:-

1. Applicants to World Dance Council for membership

2. World names from the dance world

3. Leaders of world-renown with the above, especially those whose interest is on balance non-professional

4. With a significant turn for better relations in mind, we formally extend invitation to IDSF to be our partners in the project.

Perhaps of even greater importance:-

5. The first priority of the new administration within the World Dance Council is to not only repair damage with IDSF, but also to actively and tangibly propose, agree and implement pragmatic steps along the path of progress to forming one global dancesport body within three years.

All of the above will form part of our proposals to be negotiated with IDSF and their new President and Presidium in the coming few months.

The World Dance Council is positive and delighted that such meetings, the first in years, are scheduled to take place.

From our side, our contribution of mindedness and reasonable approach is guaranteed.

The World Dance Council very much regret restrictions or pressure placed on competitors and organisers even when placed by other parties, and are optimistic that such scenarios of regret can only be defused by comprehensive re-assessment and unison of our future.

Our mission is to respect the past, manage the present, and create the future.

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29.08.2006, World Dance Council grants first World Pro-Am Championship

The World Dance Council, WDC, recognized as the authority to grant and sanction, the World, Continental and European Championships through its 46 member-countries for over 50 years, is asserting its authority.

We are therefore extremely delighted to announce:-

The World Dance Council World Pro-Am championships to be held under the customary rigid levels of integrity and organisational skills in keeping with WDC standards, in Buenos Aires Argentina on 18th February 2007.

As always, no single country but the entire world will feature in our truly global event, and an international top-class adjudicating panel including legendary names will officiate in “neutral” Argentinian territory, and home of Tango.

A full supporting event, including Professional Latin will accompany this milestone in history, and the following top-class stars have agreed to appear:

Slavik Kryklyvyy & Elena Korova, Dimitry Timokhin & Karina Smirnoff, Sergey Sourkov & Agnieska Melnizka, Max & Julia, Eddie Stutts & Vika Bulora, Paul Richardson & Olga Rodionova.

The event will be organised in co-operation with the Conseil Danza de Argentina and managed by a specialist marketing and events syndicate.

For full details visit www.worlddancesportchampionships.com

Quelle: WDC

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In spite of the fact that the start up phase of the IPDS - International Professional DanceSport Council is still in progress, many requests of information about the possibility of organising IPDSC events for professional athletes have already been received by worldwide organisers.

All rules will be defined with the cooperation and approval of the IDSF.

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16.11.2006, IPDSC 1st World Professional Championship during the DanceSport CUP ALCOBENDAS 2007

Waiting the first meeting of the IPDSC INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL DANCESPORT COUNCIL - within IDSF that will be hel in Rome - Courtyard by Marriott Rome Hotel - December 12th, 2006, Ferruccio Galvagno, the IPDSC project leader, is proud communicate that the first WORLD PROFESSIONAL DANCESPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS STANDARD AND LATIN AMERICAN will be held in Madrid during the DANCESPORT CUP ALCOBENDAS 2007.

The program of the world championships will be:

The IPDSC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be open to all couples from all international countries.


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Press Release World Dance Sport Committee of the World Dance Council December 2006

Appeal to those responsible to protect our prestigious titles.

The organisation of World and European championships has a long history.

Ever since the official establishment of the World Dance Council (before I.C.B.D.) and the I.D.S.F. (before I.C.A.D.) the respective titles have gained prestige all over the world. Over the years both the amateur and professional titles are now perceived as "genuine" and recognised and respected throughout the entire danceworld. This thanks to the efforts of both WDC and IDSF.

For competitors a sound and clear layer to help them in their careers. Many, many highly respected names have passed the path from being first world champions in the amateur-section, to later becoming a finalist or world champion in the professional section. The two are strongly connected and were mutually respected.

Both WDC and IDSF can rightly claim the credits for the recognition of these respective titles and for the great help in the individual careers of so many.

Sadly enough this seems to become history and the ruin or at least devaluation of past and future careers. Careers where people invest(ed) a lifetime, their personal lifes and lots of money to maybe become one of those "world champions".

Therefore the unilateral decision of IDSF to facilitate and support the organisation of a professional world championship in January 2007 is an irresponsible act, initiated by individuals that give preference to their personal aims and abuse their elected positions to do so. Even more disturbing is the fact that these individuals seem to get support here and there, and a great majority of others prefer to "sit on the fence".

Of course one could state that the WDC or the IDSF are not ideal in their performance.

Of course things could be better.

But that can hardly be an argument to make things worse!

It surely cannot be an argument used by anyone of the two organisations (WDC - IDSF) that gave recognition and prestige to these titles in the past and carry responsibility over them.

First and foremost it is a denial of the existence and prestige of our present titles, organised to satisfaction by WDC for so many years, established in and recognised by the entire danceworld. Second and of at least equal importance, the professional competitors don't want it; as anyone can imagine they are quite pleased with having one official title in their field.

Considering that there is an official world title and that the respective competitors do not want a second one, it is easy to conclude that IDSF is not looking at the interests of the competitors, but have a different agenda in this matter, being to disrupt and divide the professionals and / or getting control over the professionals. The argument that there is also a second and third world amateur-title is a non-argument and definitely not caused by WDC. In fact WDC offered her support to IDSF to solve this problem, since what goes for the professional titles, also goes for the amateur-titles.

In the last few years the differences of approach between WDC and IDSF have grown and contacts were few and improductive. Just in September 2006 there was a seemingly fruitfull meeting, but this unilateral action contradicts the friendly atmosphere and invites the WDC to do the same.

Lots of members have pressed the Presidium of the WDC to go that way, but so far we have given preference to seeking a solution together with IDSF.

But respect can not come from one side only. If IDSF wishes to continue on this path of conflict, it leaves WDC no other option than to answer in the same manner. Measures are now in preparation.

Hence this last appeal.

Fred Bijster
Chairman of the World Dance Sport Committee of the WDC.

Quelle: WDC

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I have read with great interest the press release of Mr. Fred Bijster about the Open Professional IPDSC World Championship which will be held in Madrid (Spain) next 13th and 14th January, 2007.

The content is shareable for the greatest part of the reconstruction made of the world DanceSport situation, but it is absolutely rambling when it speaks of an irresponsible act of IDSF to support the IPDSC World Championship.

The conclusion drawn by the WDC DanceSport Chairman is particularly senseless for the following reasons:

1. It's a fact that the damage of the "World Champion" title value is to be ascribed to WDC. The WDC gave big prominence to the IDU World Championship (the news was on the official WDC website for several months) and for the pressures the WDC Executives put on the Latin American IDSF World Champions Riccardo Cocchi and Joanne Wilkinson, in order to convince them to dance the 2005 IDU Worlds;

2. The decision to create a "professional division" and to indicate the IPDSC as the tool which could realize it was not the wishes of "few individuals" but it has been made by more than the 90% of the National Federations Presidents attending the IDSF General Meeting in Wels, last June.

3. The WDC shows every day with the facts, it is evident in its official website, not to be and not to want to be a sports federation. It's enough to think about the prominence given to the pro-am activity which very hardly could be considered as high level competitive sport and which, for granted, could not be among the activities ruled and managed by an International Sports Federation or recognised by the IOC.

4. The considerations of Mr. Bijster are clearly in contrast with the statement of the President Donnie Durns (press release of December 2nd, 2005) when he verbatim declared ".....However, we are also totally based on commitment to compete freedom and open market principles, and most vehemently oppose all bans, all restrictions, all attacks on events or organisations..."

Isn't IPDSC another opportunity for the professionals to dance in the recognized sporting world?

Or are the declarations of principles for the WDC and its executives worth only if they suit to themselves?

5. If the WDC is convinced and shares the declarations of Mr. Bijster why on the official WDC site appeared so much publicity for the IDU birth (while IDU is not officially recognised important WDC executives are strongly engaged to promote it in various countries of the world) and for the IDSA birth as an alternative to the IDSF (the only body recognised by IOC)?

Is the WDC in favour of a free market only if it means to work for the demolition of IDSF and all its member federations? Isn't the IPDSC another opportunity to strengthen the idea of an open market?

It's evident that to throw too much the rope in the relationships with the IDSF and its national federations, brought the rope to be so extended to the point to be torn.

If it was not so it would be difficult to understand why the 90% of the members was in favour of the decision to create a Professional Sector inside the IDSF, represented by the IPDSC.

Last but not least is the consideration that being the WDC an organisation in charge of professionals, "free professionals" , the appeal to limit their possibilities of job and profit just to justify its own strategic and political mistakes looks too strong

But it's well known that everyone - democratically elected - proposes the politics he thinks to be right.

Then the facts will show if he has acted correctly or not.

However the adoption of definite positions like those of Mr. Bijster explains the great enthusiasm and the thick share for the IPDSC meeting which will be held in Rome next December 12th.

Ferruccio Galvagno
IPDSC - Project Leader

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05.12.2006, Verbandsstrukturen

Unter dem Dach der International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) ist ein „International Professional Dance Sport Council“ (IPDSC) entstanden. Diese Einrichtung hat die Absicht, am 13. und 14. Januar 2007 in Madrid eine „World Professional Standard and Latin Dancesport Championship” zu veranstalten.

Tanzsport der Professionals wird international vom World Dance Council (WDC; frühere Bezeichnung: WD&DSC bzw. ICBD) repräsentiert, in Deutschland vom Deutschen Professional Tanzsportverband (DPV), der Mitglied des WDC ist. Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen WDC und DPV ist eng und vertrauensvoll. DPV-Präsident Karl Breuer war von 1999 bis 2005 zugleich Präsident des WD&DSC und ist jetzt Ehrenpräsident dieses Verbandes.

WDC hat sich – durch seinen Chairman of Dance Sport Fred Bijster – zu dem Sachverhalt geäußert. Der Text ist auf der Website des WDC zu finden unter http://www.wddsc.com/press/index06IDSF-02.html

Das Präsidium des DPV wird die weitere Entwicklung aufmerksam und mit Interesse verfolgen.

Quelle: DPV

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07.12.2006, PRESS RELEASE - unanimously agreed by WDC Presidium

The WDC Competitors Commission in June, free of pressure or interference, voted unanimously NOT to support the IDSF Italian members alleged "Professional" events. In so doing, the Professional competitors have demonstrated exemplary loyalty to the WDC and the profession, and we in turn are honour bound to protect them, and their efforts and assets, together with our own.

The recent announcement of IDSF that an Italian non-presidium member, a person therefore NOT internationally elected to any position of authority by the IDSF membership, but simply appointed by a core of the Presidium without recourse nor consultation with member-federations, will be allowed to run IDSF professional World titles in Ballroom and Latin, is a direct attack on our own couples` efforts and an attempt to devalue their titles, ergo an attack on the titles and assets of the profession itself.

Whilst it could be argued that it is not strictly WDC business, the situation of an unelected radical tail waving the IDSF dog and dragging the dance world down a disruptive road to conflict is great cause for the concern of all responsible people who sincerely care.

For a WDC Professional competitor, and even more so for a bona fide World Professional Champion, it is most disheartening to see different professional Champions in the same category of Ballroom Dance.

The World Dance Council is on record as supporting the open-market system, a position which still today in consistence remains. The “free market” means couples rights to choose where and when they spend their money, and the freedom of transparent information.

It is strange that, just when IDSF and WDC have finally made the historic joint decision to collaborate as equal partners on a joint education, accreditation and eventual global licensing-system that a new step appears with the intent of de-stabilising the progress , and threatening to throw recent detente into dispute more serious than pre-existed prior to same. Whilst the WDC acknowledges that some jaundiced professionals may have played their part in this process, the placement of a non-presidium member of IDSF in an unelected position as decision-maker in this radical project is viewed with concern by the profession and many IDSF members alike.

The WDC wishes to extend their gratitude to the many, many reasonable and responsible IDSF member federations who have contacted us registering their opposition and offering pragmatic measures as support.

We do however welcome what the de facto represents in terms of a u-turn in decades of IDSF insistence that "The distinction between amateur and professional no longer exists", even if this appears at odds with IDSF Olympic criteria as repeated ad infinitum over the years.

Nonetheless, many competitors have contacted us asking for guidance. They have many unanswered concerns, such as:-

How are the couples chosen?

Which members select the couple to represent a (if any) nation, and on which criteria?

Which rules will be used? Decided by whom?

Which registration is acceptable?

If competing, will participants then be open to sanctions if they dance IDSF "unrecognised"-(WDC) events?

Will my professional status be affected?

What kind of World Championship can it be if nations are not at all represented?

The WDC shares their concerns, and with the above in mind, has no option in our mutual interests to implement the following measures:-

In protection of our competitors and in principles of the transparency of information, The World Dance Council will forward a list to all registrants world-wide, all adjudicators and all organisers of professional events, including but not restricted to World Series, of any competitors who participate in these IPDSC alleged “professional” events.

Furthermore, the names of these dancers will be removed from the ranking-system of the World Series, with all monies due being forfeited, since they will no longer feature in the list. Many of the lucrative contracts and demonstrations in Asia and beyond will also be informed as to those names which may have participated, and will be able to book/re-schedule in accordance.

Any title-holder of WDC granted title events, e.g. World Champion, may forfeit their title and the title will be transferred to the next placed couple who did not re-instate themselves as amateurs.

Due to the fact that these are amateur events, any couples will find that they will have to re-apply, without guarantee of outcome, for instatement as professionals, since they will have competed as amateurs in the eyes of WDC and its members.

Adjudicators will find also that their names will be forwarded to all registrants world-wide, all organisers, all competitors and member-countries as having participated in events attacking the competitors` interests and assets of WDC. The WDC will pursue a policy of non-use of those who support the downfall of our couples and our profession for a period of years after the committing of the act, and will also give preference to those without IDSF registration, with further preference to those who adjudicate IDU, IDSA, and WDC` s own future-possible Amateur events.

British Council rulings for example, do not permit professional competitive couples and amateur couples to compete against each other under the current structure., nor the adjudication of such.

As an example, the official position of the British Dance Council is as follows:

“The BDC is a member of the World Dance Council. Our official position is that we do not recognise the organisation nor the events and we strongly urge all registrants, competitors and/or adjudicators not to participate”.

The World Dance Council will use all measures, legal and political, to protect the status-quo which has stood us in such good stead throughout the decades of history, and reserves the right to injunct, appeal to the ethics-commissions of the International Olympic Committee and C.O.N.I., and will undoubtedly institute our own Amateur-Division immediately, together with our partners, should the IDSF insist on following this course of monopoly and domination.

The widening of Non-IDSF amateur events to accommodate the desire of couples to compete every weekend world wide can be easily implemented, and with utmost speed.

We at the World Dance Council urge the IDSF and their member countries to step back from this ill-timed and potentially hazardous course and in practical pursuit of this, we make the following offer as an initiative to defuse the escalated tension:-

We offer the IDSF to join us in the administration of our newly-formed Amateur Commission as partners in the project, and hope that IDSF will accept and reciprocate on their side re. IPDSC.

This substantial offer would send out the clear signal that agent provocateurs will not succeed to the detriment of the dance world, and that rather negotiation diplomacy and collaboration, even eventual merging in our microcosm, will prevail.

With this last hope in mind, the WDC intended to delay implementation of the above until one day after the proposed IPDSC meetings in December in Italy, and planned to finish with the following statement.

However unless a press-release is issued to the contrary, these measures will take effect on 13th December 2006 and will be valid and governed by English Law.

However, we sincerely wish to hold out our hands in partnership with IDSF and invite them to take the floor as our partners in dance and co-operation. To this end we shall delay the above implementation until shortly after the December meeting to facilitate and allow time for negotiations.

We hope and trust that common sense prevails. Should we be left with no alternative but to follow the above path, it will be on record in the worlds of Dance Sport, Entertainment and Olympics that IDSF forced the entire world against their wishes into this situation.

The President
Donnie Burns MBE

Quelle: WDC

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The representatives of 31 nations of the whole world have participated in the 1st IPDSC meeting held in Rome on december 12th, 2006, at the Marriott Hotel.

The project of organising the 1st IPDSC world professionals championship to be held in madrid next 13th and 14th january 2007 was eagerly accepted by the large majority of the countries represented.

During the meeting organized by Ferruccio Galvagno, President of the Italian DanceSport Federation and IPDSC Project-leader, the following matters have been discussed:

  1. Statutes and Competition Rules
  2. Setting of working groups
  3. Appointment of the Management Committee (the group which will collaborate with the project-leader up to the 2007 elections)
  4. Approval of the IPDSC Logo and website
  5. Approval of the IPDSC World Championship to be held in Madrid on 13th and 14th January 2007

Carlos Freitag, IDSF President, Ferruccio Galvagno IPDSC Project Leader, Peter Maxwell responsible for IDJTA, Lukas Hinder representing the IDSF Presidium, were sitting at the management table.

The subjects submitted by Ferruccio Galvagno to the representatives of the various countries achieved widespread approval. As far as the World Championship is considered, in spite of the WDC press release that summoned to stop the event of January 13th and 14th in Madrid, in spite of the threats of legal actions, 27 votes in favour, 1 against, 3 abstentions, have decided in favour of the organisation of the event.

The participants in the meeting have underlined that IPDSC is not born in opposition to the WDC simply it intends to organize a Federation for Professionals within the body recognised by IOC. It is confirmed that IPDSC recognizes DanceSport as being part of the Olympic Movement because the National Olympic Committees recognise it as sports discipline.

The hard expressions of president Donnie Burns towards FIDS President when he writes that Galvagno doesn't represent anything because he has not been elected but only appointed, have been defeated by a vote which confirms the wish to proceed.

The Management Committee named by the meeting is so formed:

Ferruccio Galvagno (Italy), project leader
Peter Maxwell (England) and John Kimmins (USA) (IDJTA)
Shawn Tay (Singapour) (APDSC)
Verena Sulek (Slovenia)

At the end of the meeting the representatives of the participating countries addressed their warmest thanks to the IDSF President Carlos Freitag and Ferruccio Galvagno and for the organisation of the meeting and their appreciation for the important results produced by their work.

Quelle: IPDSC

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Press Release from the Competitors Commission regarding the forthcoming IPDSC World Championships

  1. The Competitors' Commission has been actively negotiating with the IPDSC and the WDC on behalf of all the Professional Competitors throughout the World.
  2. Your Managing Committee has sought the opinion of as many competing professionals as possible in the short space of time allowed to negotiate.
  3. This organisation, and the top couples in the world, agrees that no Professional Competitor should dance in this event at this time.
  4. There are no rules or regulations in place for the event, and we cannot protect you if you choose to dance in such an event.
  5. We have asked the IPDSC to postpone the event until such time as we can see the full set of regulations.
  6. We are not in favour of the existence of more than one World Championship in any style.
  7. We will continue to negotiate with the two organisations to satisfactorily resolve the best situation to protect your future as a competitor.

Yours sincerely,

The Managing Committee of the Competitors Commission

Quelle: WDC

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Press Release Dance Sport Committee of the World Dance Council - December 2006

Freedom of choice and the Professional World Championships

Life is so easy if someone else does all the thinking!

In many parts of the world dictatorial regimes save the masses from the pain of thinking themselves and decide over their daily activities and future. In an ideal world this would be the best system; an honest and responsible regime that does all that for all of us. Still strangely enough most people prefer a different system, where they are free to make their own decisions; where to go and what to do. The World Dance Council has great respect for this freedom of choice. Freedom of choice, however, has nothing to do with choose whatever you like (opportunism), but a lot with taking personal responsibility, not only for yourself, but also for your environment, the past, the present and the future, and especially all structures that allow you this freedom.

In our special world, the danceworld, in the past and at this time, two major players are ruling: the WDC and the IDSF.

The WDC supports a "bottom-up" system. Dancing is the core-business and WDC looks upon dancing as an entity in itself. Dancing is dancing; an art?, a sport?, entertainment?, who cares?; every dancer knows what he or she is doing: dancing. Dancing is not a carrier, but the essence. Dancing changes, but only to strengthen the identity and the changes come from within, from the people involved.

Clearly the IDSF supports the "top-down" system. The core-business of the IDSF is not about dancing, but about sport and recognition of dancing as a sport. the "Olympic dream" rules everywhere in the system, control is the major issue all over in her structure. Dancing is only the carrier. Even to a point where the dancing suffers and has to change and adapt to fit “the dream”. The same applies to the people involved. WDC ruling the professionals. IDSF ruling the amateurs (a word that has been in and out of use from time to time, claimed, deleted and reclaimed, whatever the situation needed). In the past both parties respected the authority of the other and gave recognition to their rerspective title-events.

Of course a lot more can be said about these two major players in their role as administrators and "rulers". Of course some critisism about their performances is bound to be expected and might even be right.

Nevertheless the intentions of both are (or should I say: were) clear.

For a dancer, from the very beginning as a social dancer or a low-grade amateur, in most countries the WDC-member is "in charge".

For a higher-ranking amateur, the IDSF-memberbody is in charge and the IDSF and her ruling comes in view.

For a professional the WDC-memberbody and the WDC and her ruling are again in place.

This "change of regimes" for a competitor can only work if there is mutual recognition and cooperation between the major bodies WDC and IDSF.

For the career of any dancer this was and is of the highest importance.

The latest actions of the IDSF are in breach with this situation:

- IDSF declared to be the sole ruling body worldwide for all competitors and competitions. By doing so denying the WDC her rights.

- IDSF no longer recognises WDC-licensed judges. By doing so denying the Joint Agreement.

- IDSF banned countries, competitors, judges and competitions that do not comply with her ruling. By doing so creating IDU and IDSA, etc.

- IDSF now facilitates and supports the start of professional world-title events and professional events in general. By doing so denying the existence of WDC.

Who, in his right mind, can support these actions??

Of course, as an amateur, not knowing the whole picture and depending on this system, you have no option than to follow the system, stop or turn professional. You are excused. Sitting as a flea on the back of an elephant (IDSF) you cannot see the elephant, nor what it is doing or where it is going to. And, mind you, within the IDSF others will do the thinking for you (the top-down system).

As a professional, however, you are given and stuck with the freedom to choose. You can see the whole picture and you are not depending on that system. You know the score.

As a member-country of the WDC you are given the choice and opportunity to take action against these unilateral actions by advising your members not to support these decisions of IDSF; that is advising against taking an IDSF-license for judging and advising against participation in any other than the official WDC professional championships in any capacity.

As a WDC-registered judge you have the freedom to judge and teach where and when asked by whoever. To give your expertise to everyone.

Of course you are also free in this position to take your IDSF-license and even pay for selling your freedom to go whereever you want because:

- Accepting this IDSF-license means nothing less than accepting that IDSF is the sole worldwide body to rule all dancesport.

- Accepting this license means you are in agreement with the acts of IDSF mentioned above and give preference to a top-down system.

- As a reward you are severely restricted in your judging and teaching. IDSF will tell you where to go and where not to go. You've sold your freedom.

As a professional competitor you have the choice to allow a second professional world-title event to take place simply by participating.

This choice, however, is not about you personally going there or not; the choice is having 1 professional world-title event in this world or more.

The choice is to recognise and support the current (and past) champions and championships or devaluate them.

The choice is also to have the right to make your own choices (WDC) in the future or not (IDSF).

Not a difficult choice I would say!

Your organisation as professional, the WDC, is only as strong as you as individuals are.

We offer you freedom of choice and support you where we can. We've opened our doors wider and wider in the years past and will continue to do so in the future.

We have created structures to involve more and more people, we have stimulated discussions about our core-business, dancing, we have started educational services and have an open ear for everyone in our business.

WDC will continue to give extra value to our titles and recognition to our peers in the business.

WDC takes a stand for all our professionals and their skills and will defend their freedom and rights.

Our only question is: are you all strong enough to do the same?

Are you prepared to defend your professional rights?

Are you prepared to suffer the consequences?

I personally believe you are.

The WDC and all her committees and commissions will take a stand for this cause. But we can only succeed in our defense if all of you are in support.

Our battlefield will not be total war; it will be diplomacy. At least for the moment.

We would like to come to terms with the other player in the field, IDSF, and unite our now so divided business.

This will take time, but negotiations have started in September 2006.

The action of IDSF, to facilitate and support the organisation of a professional world-title event, is maybe badly timed but it also will give us valid information in further negotiations: we will know the "weak spots" within our own WDC and make sure that this will be noticed and published everywhere.

WDC will remain to respect everybody's freedom of choice, but will also make sure that the consequences of that choice will rest upon the individuals and not on those that are "with us" in the defense of our professional freedom. It stands to reason that our loyal members will show more understanding for the act of the IDSF than for the acts of people from within our organisation that are in support of this IDSF-action that will dilute market-values and assets, not only from the WDC, but of the entire profession and competing dancers alike.

As said before, it is time for all professionals to make a choice and carry the responsibility for it.

The WDC is strong, if you are strong and prepared to take a stand for your profession and your fellow professionals.

Fred Bijster
Chairman of the Dance Sport Committee of the WDC.

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Dear Sirs,

First of all let me thank you for the opportunity you offer me to explain you the project of the International Professional DanceSport Council – IPDSC and of its first Professional DanceSport World Championship for Standard and Latin American Dances, which will be held in 2007 on January 13th and 14th in Madrid.

Allow me to start from your last question concerning the necessity for the athletes to have another Professional World Championship. To answer to this question more precise information is necessary in order to understand, with the correct perspective, what is happening at world level. In 1996 the IOC – International Olympic Committee - recognized DanceSport as sport.

A real revolution that raised enthusiasm in someone (the IDSF which obtained the recognition of IOC) while others felt cold and out (the WDC not recognized).

The DanceSport system has kept on thinking about being able to continue to be a free area not bound to apply the sports regulation. The rules of the world sport apply to the International Sports Federations and it’s the International Federation itself which decides how to run its sports activity in the respect of this regulation.

It’s a matter of fact that IOC recognizes only one International Federation for each Sport and the Federation can manage with amateurs and professionals (for a better comprehension I draw your attention to football : FIFA represents amateurs and professionals and is the only International Federation recognized by IOC and by all the Sports Worldwide Institutions)

After the above preliminary remarks It’s important to underline that IDSF and WDC started a long negotiation in order to constitute only one federation. All of a sudden we heard about the WDSF (World DanceSport Federation). Then, however, nothing has happened.

In the meantime the Management of the WD&DSC (which has even changed its name demonstrating that DanceSport was not is main business) is changed and many other things changed too.

We all know the WDC involvement in creating and supporting activities against IDSF. For example in Italy it’s well known the pressure put by the WDC on Riccardo Cocchi and Joanne Wilkinson (just after they won the IDSF Worlds) to make them participate in the 2006 IDU World Championship. All in Italy know about the activity of Jerry Abrate in favour of IDU and all have seen the photos of the president Donnie Burns in the meeting of IDU held in Rome.

This situation has exasperated the relationships with many national IDSF members which started to wonder, as we did in Italy, why they had to suffer a similar attack being recognized by their Olympic Committees and by the Government.

For this reason , after the umpteenth attempt to find solutions and to explain what was happening I had to look for different solutions. William Pino was present at the meeting where I, and the Executives of the Italian Olympic Committee, after having explained for more than one hour and a half the Italian legislation, were accused by President Donnie Burns (who, arrived with almost two hours of delay, had not heard a word of what we said) to hold the pistol to the Professionals temples.

Perhaps you don’t know that I have introduced to President Donnie Burns with a petition where the 70% of your colleagues Italian competitors declared they wished to work with the Italian DanceSport Federation for their convenience and without any constraint.

The letter has remained dead paper completely unheeded by the WDC Presidium.

My proposal of May to create the IPDSC giving the availability to already organise in Rome in 2006, the Professional World Championship has been a normal reaction to a continuous attack that lasts, with the support of the WDC, since more than two years.

The WDC from two years in Italy support the IDU and the IDSA. Is this not equally questionable for the title of World Champion ?

In the meeting of December 12th more than 30 nations have discussed and approved my reasons. We cannot continue to wait for a solution with the WDC, solution that has not arrived for years, while the WDC is working against IDSF.

On the basis of what is set out above the IPDSC believes that it is necessary to create the World Professional Championship within the DanceSport Movement recognized by IOC.

The World Championship is Open therefore any couple that is classified can participate, according to the rules of the professional nation or with a compared title (for instance in Italy the Law doesn’t allow the Federations recognized by the CONI to define their athletes “professionals” if within the Federation itself doesn’t exist a professional sector, even if for the international DanceSport rules they are Professionals for all the effects)

Therefore for this first Championship it is not required to be members of the IPDSC that is in its phase of organisation.

The news that the professionals participating in the IPDSC events would become “amateurs” again is completely false. Couples of professional athletes will participate in the Worlds.

As far as the TV and video recordings are concerned the agreements have not been defined yet. We will answer as soon as possible.

The Money Prizes will be as follows:

to which the normal awards must be added.

The judgement method will be selected by IDJTA and Mr. Peter Maxwell was entrusted with this task. You can address to him for any information.

The rules in force for the first Championship will be based on the IDSF rules modified on the part related to the order of dances and to the dress rules. I think that Mr. Peter Maxwell, many times chairman at Blackpool can give you further information and guarantees.

Thanking you again for the possibility you gave me to answer to your questions and hoping to have been clear and exhaustive, I take the opportunity to wish you my best regards, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ferruccio Galvagno
IPDSC Project Leader

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19.12.2006, Neue Profi WM?

Am 5. Dezember 2006 haben wir darüber unterrichtet, dass unter dem Dach der International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) ein „International Professional DanceSport Council“ (IPDSC) entstanden ist, und dass voraussichtlich am 13. und 14. Januar 2007 in Madrid eine „World Professional Standard and Latin Dancesport Championship” stattfinden wird. Das Präsidium des DPV hat sich, wie angekündigt, mit der weiteren Entwicklung befasst.

Die Haltung des World Dance Council (WDC), dem der DPV als Repräsentant des Tanzsports der Professionals in Deutschland als Mitglied angehört, kann auf den Internetseiten www.wddsc.com des World Dance Council (WDC) nachgelesen werden.

(u.a.: - Press Release “unanimously agreed by WDC Presidium” [Donnie Burns]

- Press Release “Freedom of choice and the Professional World Championships” [Fred Bijster])

Hier der wichtigste Auszug aus der Press Release “unanimously agreed by WDC Presidium”:

"Any title-holder of WDC granted title events, e.g. World Champion, may forfeit their title and the title will be transferred to the next placed couple who did not re-instate themselves as amateurs.

Due to the fact that these are amateur events, any couples will find that they will have to re-apply, without guarantee of outcome, for instatement as professionals, since they will have competed as amateurs in the eyes of WDC and its members.

Adjudicators will find also that their names will be forwarded to all registrants world-wide, all organisers, all competitors and member-countries as having participated in events attacking the competitors` interests and assets of WDC. The WDC will pursue a policy of non-use of those who support the downfall of our couples and our profession for a period of years after the committing of the act, and will also give preference to those without IDSF registration, with further preference to those who adjudicate IDU, IDSA, and WDC`s own future-possible Amateur events".

Die internationale tanzsportliche Lage lässt sich, wie schon im Beitrag vom 5. Dezember 2006 angedeutet wurde, nicht in wenigen Sätzen darstellen. Jede Darstellung bringt auch das Risiko mit sich, dass andere die Dinge anders sehen und dass deshalb die Auseinandersetzungen eskalieren. Der DPV will das vermeiden. Deshalb wurde vom DPV sowohl von einer Übersetzung der oben genannten und z.T. zitierten Press Releases in die deutsche Sprache – jede Übersetzung entfacht neue Diskussionen, was denn nun wirklich gemeint sei - und von einer Kommentierung abgesehen.

Der Deutsche Professional Tanzsportverband e.V. bittet aber alle Paare und Funktionäre, sich mit den in der zitierten Press Release angesprochenen vom WDC beabsichtigten Handhabungen vertraut zu machen.

Allen Paaren und Funktionären stehen Präsident und Vizepräsident des DPV für nähere Auskünfte über die Einzelheiten zur Verfügung:

Präsident Karl Breuer, Telefon 0221 481172
Vizepräsident Rudolf Trautz, Telefon 0172 8130405

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The Championships, which are the first in a series to be conducted by the International Professional DanceSport Council (IPDSC), have already attracted entries from over 100 couples. It is refreshing to see the number of professional couples who want to work with IPDSC.

As this is the first IPDSC event, the managing group have agreed that the official title of the Championships is the IPDSC Inaugural World Championships.

A program of IPDSC events for the next year will be available by mid year including European, Continental and World Championships.

The IPDSC is committed to working for the benefit of professional competitors and the development of DanceSport based on democratic sports principles and philosophies.

The Managing Group looks forward to welcoming couples, adjudicators, trainers and officials to Madrid on January 13th & 14th.

Quelle: IPDSC

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  1. Alexey Galchun / Tatiana Demina (Russia)
  2. Mirco D'Agostino / Arianna D'Amico (Italy)
  3. Luca Tonello / Ekaterina Baroulina (Italy)
  4. Ruslan Golovashcenko & Olena Solovashcenko (Ukraine)
  5. Mario Maiello / Giovanna Maiello (Italy)
  6. Roberto Regnoli / Tania Berto (Italy)


  1. Benedetto Capraro / Marta Faiola (Italy)
  2. Maurizio Ghigiarelli / Manuela Andracchio (Italy)
  3. Andrey Borovskiy / Inna Troitskaia (Russia)
  4. Savino Cuocci / Laura Marinaro (Italy)
  5. Grant Mandon Baartzes / Tracy Howard (South Africa)
  6. Massimiliano Palladino / Vincenza Farnese (Italy)

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27.01.2007, Offener Brief an WDC

Offener Brief von Rudolf Trautz an WDC,
Donnie Burns und Fred Bijster

Dear Donnie,
dear Fred,

back home from Bournemouth and the meeting of the DEB, I would like to give you some thoughts about your intentions not to allow judges to work on WDC European and World Championships if they have an IDSF licence.

Take the example of Sirpa Suutari and the situation in Finland.

In Finland there is peace and harmony between Amateurs and Professionals. They work closely together and the amateurs want their best people – the Professionals – to judge the competitions and to have and use the IDSF licenses.

You, with the decision of the WDC Presidium, destroy the harmony in Finland and-instead of protecting your WDC members- you work against them.

In Germany we also have peace and harmony between the Amateurs and the Professionals.

Many Professionals have and use an IDSF licence. Again, the Amateurs want their best people to judge the competitions.

The German Amateurs, the DTV, I would like to remind you, have supported the WDC and worked very hard to stop the IDSF of organizing a World Professional Championship.

The WDC has an agreement with the DTV regarding IDU competitions in Germany.

And what do you, the Presidium of the WDC, what do you do? You punish the German Amateurs for standing behind the WDC in destroying the relationship between Amateurs and Professionals in Germany.

Again, instead of protecting your members you work against them.

I very much doubt, in the case of Germany, that there will be Professionals who return their IDSF licence.

Please, think again, meet again and carefully review the situation.

I think you agree with me that it is not correct, if the amateurs take away the licences of Professionals that have judged an IDU event. It is just as wrong to stop Professionals of judging professional events if they have an IDSF licence.

I appeal to both sides, PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!

Rudi Trautz

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05.02.2007, Offener Brief von Karl Breuer an IDSF

Open Letter To The World

Mr. President,
dear Carlos.

Since the IDSF General Meeting in Wels, Austria, I have remained silent for a long time - perhaps too long. The development from the GOC 2006 to a pitiful pseudo–World Championship for Professionals in Madrid January 2007 cannot and should not remain without comment any longer.

Being almost 60 years, in my beloved Dance Sport, I request the right to write this letter as an Amateur Dancer, Amateur World Champion, the first dancer to be presented with the Silver Laurel given by the President of The Federal Republic of Germany, worked as a Professional Dancer, Trainer and then served as President of the World Dance Council for many years.

From where does the IDSF use the right, to create a new Professional World Organisation under their roof? - and even more at a time when both World organisations, IDSF and WDC, are still contractually joined by the General Agreement? During the past years we, the WDC, had many opportunities to integrate an international Amateur organisation within our Council. This did not happen during my presidency and neither during the past two years has it happened under the presidency of Mr. Donnie Burns MBE.

During the past decades I was always of the opinion that the IDSF was a respectable unified body, which by being accepted by the IOC has a special liability to create unity and not destroy Dance Sport organisations of this world.

How could the IDSF allow such an obvious incompetent gentleman from Torino, to present such a pitiful show in Madrid, in the name of IDSF, which everybody should be ashamed of. This so called World Championship will be recorded, in Dance Sport history, as the most terrible ever held and thus completely discredit the IDSF within in the IOC.

Attempts to apply the hand brake at the last minute, to distance the World Amateur Organisation from this awful situation with the motto, „I didn’t do it, it was the Italian”, does not relieve the IDSF from the responsibility of this spectacular disgrace by the Amateur President from Italy, irrespective of any motive he may have had. Quite the opposite. Such a position directly breaches and contravenes your own minutes of the IDSF AGM which clearly state that the new body was to be formed “subject to the policies and administrative decisions of IDSF”.

In the past there had always been differences of opinions between the two world bodies. However the founding of the IPDSC destroyed the previous world order of Dance Sport and opened the door to such laughable events as happened in Madrid.

Through the existence of the General Agreement one still had the possibility of talking to each other. Everyone is aware that this was the policy of the WDC during the last decades. I believe that by the unilateral break of the Agreement and thereby the change to the world situation of dance, that this will bring the ranks of our professionals even closer together.

In closing this letter I can only hope, that the decision from Wels will be repealed and that everyone in the IDSF will revert back to a policy of working together.

With Dance Sport greetings
Karl Breuer

P. S. As I cannot accept the current policy of the IDSF towards the World Dance Council, I will not make use of my IDSF Adjudicator License.

Quelle: DPV / WDC

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